About Us

About Us

Tekboy Fabrics Co. est. 1981

We are a global manufacturer specialised on knitted fabrics of all types and designs. Our main priority is to maintain "sustainability with style". We use top quality machinery and the latest technologies in our 23.000 squaremeter factory with our 350 employees.

Our designer team is constantly following the global trends and annually we come up with 4 collections. Winter - Summer and 2 transition seasons.

Our textile engineering team rapidly develop new articles according to fast changing trends throughout the year.

We Develop

  • At least 1000 print designs per year.
  • At least 500 new articles.

Our infrastructure is consist of top quality global brands machinery.

We Produce

  • DyeHouse capacity per month / 500 Tons.
  • Knitting capacity per month / 280 Tons.
  • Rotasyon Print capacity per month / 150 Tons.
  • Digital Print capacity per Month / 150.000 Meters
  • Pad-Batch capacity per month / 120 Tons.

We Sustain

  • Our treatment plant has a capacity of 4000 cubic meter Liter waste water treatment.
  • 2.2 mW powered  all our electrical requirements via clean natural-gas resources. During the eleckticity production in the cogeneration facility, 375 tons/day of 80 degree hot water is obtained from the waste flue heat of 1800 kg/h and used for production purposes.
  • After all of the wastewater treated at the wastewater treatment plant is treated with Ozone Gas in pools with an additional 700 cubic meters capacity, 150-250 tons of daily water is cleaning and washing are also used in the printing business.